View Full Version : A major time saving technique

David Wortley
30-01-01, 18:35
I don't know if anyone knew about this, or did I miss it in the manual, but when you are adjusting the lighting of a room and you are clicking like a hundred times to alter the colour, right-click and it goes down by about 10 or 20 I can't rememeber, but saved me loads of time

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31-01-01, 01:25
I've read the manual quite a few times and every now and then I notice something that I missed. You're right about it being in the manual... page 15, left column, last of paragraph 1)... it changes by 16 units. Don't stop posting things like this... if you missed it, chances are others have too. Thanks. http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/forums/smile.gif