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14-04-01, 14:12
I wuz wonderin, how to connected 2 rooms side by side making it 1 open outside environment. I read the manual, and they explain everything so confusing :confused: I jus dont get anything at all :( I'm trying to make a lil shoreline type thingy 4 a beach, so its gonna be all open. All, makin water confuses me. I want it in 1 room, the manual says u gotta build all these different rooms, is that necissary?


14-04-01, 19:46
You guess correctly, if you want a beach effect then the water must belong to another room below. (the manual on page 38 explains how to create the water.)
Load the 'coastal' map supplied with your TLR CD there is a very good exanple of how to create a coastline, notice that they shield the horizon with some 'rocks'.

If this doesn't help just add a reply to this message with more details about which aspect of outside rooms you find difficult to create, it's a very big subject.

14-04-01, 21:11
I cant do anything, cuz I haven't created a door. The thing is how? I read the manual, and I only want to connect 2 rooms, 1 on the east side, and 1 at the west. I go 2 select room, and I start a new 1. When I go 2 2D Map, I only see 1 room. And When I try 2 apply a door, by clicking door, i get an error. "Cannot Connect doors".
:mad: :confused:

14-04-01, 21:42
Finally. I figured out myself. I accidently rightclick+drag on the 2nd room, and it split the rooms apart. [bleeped out].. that took a lotta work. :mad: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/redface.gif :D Now, I jus gotta try make some water. :(

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17-05-01, 19:15
so you figured out how to move a room next to another? how do you do it? can you please explain it to me? :D jliboy64@hotmail.com