View Full Version : Has anyone ever had a go on my level?

Dan Nuttall
19-04-01, 22:08
I'm just curious to know whether anyone has ever played my first level.

If you think it's a load of rubbish then okie dokie.

I'm trying my hand at a new level but I'd just like to know if anyone's tried my first attempt and you have what you think. It'll help me in my design for the new level.

The Court of Tamuhnra: page 21 to 40

21-04-01, 03:10
Where can I download it? I tried TR Custom Levels site but didn't see it listed. DRW

21-04-01, 05:01
Well, I thought your level was one of the better ones.

I posted a mini review here:

Dan Nuttall
21-04-01, 12:26
Thanks Balls, I was a bit worried that it may have been too easy.
DRW, when I last looked, my level was on the 21 to 40 levels page, somewhere near the bottom. (name above)

tlr online
21-04-01, 12:50
drw: direct your mouse to the below url and enjoy an excellent level.

22-04-01, 03:36
Which Wad is used for this level? I haven't downloaded any of the new ones yet. DRW

Dan Nuttall
22-04-01, 11:50
It's the cleopatra wad and textures, you should have all that you need.
Although you're downloading a .tr4, I thought it was all contained inside that file . . . could be wrong, but not to worry as you should have these files anyway.