View Full Version : Plane crash level

20-02-05, 14:44
I'm no good at editing but i think that sum 1 should do a few levels based on when laras plane crashed wen she was 17. Maybe it should be young lara instead of the normal 1.

20-02-05, 16:03
if anybod ydoes decide to make it with the adult here is summfin that would be a good affect Scratched Lara (http://www.trsearch.org/Media.php?action=getitem&dbitem=233)

20-02-05, 18:40
The first level of my Himalayan Mysteries (full version) will be a 'plane crash' level! :D
Inspired by the 'Lara's background story' in the booklet of Tomb Raider 1!
I'm using young Lara! ;)

20-02-05, 19:57
Cool idea Titak, I bet it'll be awesome! :D

21-02-05, 10:37
I hope so. :D
It won't be finished for a long time though. ;)