View Full Version : Still-Bad technical problems

28-04-01, 13:21
Please help, the level editor still won't work. The desktop is at the setting of 1024/768, and it's also on 16 bit. It keeps coming up with an illegal error message and it just won't work, it's driving me crazzzzzzzy :eek:
Any help would be appriciated coz I'm dying for it to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02-05-01, 11:44
Sorry Nerissa, for not noticing your query

since you have set your screen to the correct settings, The problem may be with your PC/video card.
go back to the screen properties windows (where it tells you resolution, colour depth etc) click on the 'Advanced' button and note the exact type of video adaptor.
Use this info to search the web for the latest version your driver software (Try www.windrivers.com) (http://www.windrivers.com))
Also make sure you reboot your PC after selecting 1024x768 - 16bit color.
Keep me posted with developments.