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Clown devilboy
06-05-01, 01:03
Hey ppl I have a problem with the animation ranges, I can make the textures green but when I try to place the anim texture it comes out as a still image in the game.
please help

09-05-01, 10:03
Have you created a set of textures and set them as part of an animation range? I'm not sure of what you've done so I'm a bit lost in how to answer you... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

17-05-01, 04:58
one thing to note with anim ranges, is that they work sort of like a slide show. I.E when you have a set of textures grouped together in a range they will be displayed sequentially in game. If you highlight only 1 texture as your range you have an animation of 1 frame (not very exiting). so the amount of tiles you set in a range = your animation frames. for example think of this :eek: lil guy as a texture "imagine if you will a brick background" now consider the first tile in your range has the brick tile with the gremlin on it. the next 7 are simply the bricks. OK place your tiles around the perimeter of the room in order(left to right top to bottom) the result would be the gremlin doing laps around the room. if you place the textures in a random order, he will pop up in random places. the randomized effect seams best for water.
hope this helps -robbase

Clown devilboy
17-05-01, 23:26
k thanx guys still in learning mode here I didnt realise that ya had to drag the box across the textures I was selecting them seperatly hence their stillness.