View Full Version : Sidestepping!

17-07-03, 22:44
how do you sidestep?
it was working before.. but i switched to my brother's computer with a new video card and suddenly i can't make lara sidestep anymore!
i mean, sidestepping really isn't that important, but its sometimes annoying when you can't do it! :(

17-07-03, 23:01
press shift and hold it - AND WAIT ONE SECOND WHILE HOLDING IT - and press arrow keys left or right.

17-07-03, 23:01
to sidestep, you hold down the walk button and press left/right

18-07-03, 21:41
WOOOO HOOO!!! i can sidestep again!! however.. lara can't turn left while walking.. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif it really sucks! i think it is the same way with monkey swinging, but i haven't tried it yet. does anyone know WHY I CAN'T TURN LEFT?

18-07-03, 23:44
Hold SHIFT+ press DIRECTION to sidestep
Tap SHIFT to enable walk lock, when you walk with the lock on and not holding walk, lara will turn left or right, and walk back or forth.

18-07-03, 23:46
hmm.. maybe i should try it that way.. however i like to hold the walk button so that way it doesn't stay on and you can actually do stuff.