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30-06-03, 06:50
if getting the R-35 pair is a secret or a challengeto get then why in every movie where you see her guns, she has the R-35 pair? it's stupid. And the movie where Eckardt kills luddick (the reporter) lara is wearing shorts but she doesn't have then until the bio facility which is the level after that?

30-06-03, 07:24
Hey, good eye. I'm at the part where Luddick dies and I noticed the shorts too! :eek:

30-06-03, 07:50
why is lara so mad about von croy leaving her? in my opinion he didn't.in the end of the last revelation he told her to grab his hand but she didn't and was too focused on whether he was still possesed or not. and he did have some people search for her at the end of tr chronicles and he found her backpack which she might have not have had in the beginning of AoD if it wasn't for her. the picture lara steps on in his house is of her and him in egypt whichs that they could have met in egypt after tr chronicles , so why does she say that he left her?

30-06-03, 07:57
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Spike J Wolfwood
30-06-03, 07:59
What about the FMV where she gets knocked out and in the next scene when she wakes up she is wearing her shades even though she didnít have them earlier? Did the guy who knocked her out decide to make her look stylish? Seems like a strange impulse for an assailant.

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30-06-03, 08:06
what's ur point, really? he tried to help and he wanted meeded help but she really only went to paris to blame him, i mean did you see him? i bet he was ******* bricks he was spooked enugh as it is. i understand ur motive in giving me that link but he was already paranoid, the last thing he needed was his only hope to betray him although she did find the paintings which is what he wanted her to do

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30-06-03, 08:11
lara was wearing the shades before she got knocked out. the question is what she did with them when she was running . i know she could have put them in her back pack but if thats why she took so long to leave the apartment then its no wonder the cops got there so fast and she was chased by the dogs.

1 more thing the question is how did the shades stay on when she was thrown across the room they were still in good condition!

30-06-03, 08:42
thee are so little fmvs in the game i mean there coul have much more, ps2 has the power for morelokk at final fantasy 10 , it has over 50 fmvs just on quantity not on legnth but they are not short fmv's

01-07-03, 03:30
she had on shorts in the fmv after she shots the Cleaner and is on the phone with Bouchard when before and after she was in the camouflage pants :D