View Full Version : Help!!! *Spoiler*

30-06-03, 17:02
I'm in the Hall of seasons I just got three of the crystals I need the last one I can't get into neptunes hall the door with that symbol above it won't open.

Melonie Tomb Raider
30-06-03, 17:05
Well, did you try pulling the lever? Are you sure you are at the right symbol? Maybe you got the symbols mixed up. They can be kind of confusing. I suggest you try all the different symbols. I hope I helped, and if you have any more questions feel free to ask. :D

30-06-03, 17:56
I tried them all and none of them were the right one when I went to the right one the hand icon didn't appear and I couldn't pull the lever. I think it's a game glitch so i will probably have to start this level again. :(

30-06-03, 19:55
there are three doors that open at once when you stand on the emblem that maches the crystal pull all three levers the main door should open if I remember it was the door on the right pull that lever
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