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22-10-03, 11:51
Does anyone know other place than Eidos where I could get AoD fix patches? I tried Eidos, but it didn't start downloading, I only got a message that "Page cannot be shown". :(

22-10-03, 11:54
Have you looked at TRChronicles?

www.tombraiderchronicles.com (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com)

22-10-03, 11:56
Yes, but it starts "downloading" the patch from Eidos with same results "Page cannot be shown".

22-10-03, 11:58
Weird....now it started downloading fix patch version 42, but not the others.....maybe too much traffic. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/mischievous.gif

22-10-03, 12:03
Yes there is too much traffic at the moment. You could try and get v49 later. ;)

22-10-03, 19:06
FORGET the patches....they only FUKK UP the game even further!!!
tHE PATCHES ARE A real joke!!!

What "good" the patches did for ME:
I updated to "build 52" and:
- ALL my old savegamez stopped working
- ALL new graphic-BUGS in the game
- NO cheats or other add-ons worked after that

... so what's the POINT in UP-grading, anyway?
BAH! Rubbish!

Have A Real Nice Day!

HTD http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/music2.gif

22-10-03, 19:10
Now that you mention it, Herbert the Duck, that thing with the savegames is strange. After I put build 52, some of them work, some others do not work. I don't know what to assume... :mad:

22-10-03, 22:23
The patches do sort out a number of issues, but I would just install v42 followed by v49.

Bugs Fixed V42:
Stopped Crashes when Keyboard is remapped to selected keys.
System deadlocks if the correct is not present when playing an FMV.
System deadlocks or crashes just after loading a level.
Missing ShotGun.
EAX Logos incorrect.
FMV player now supports machines with the VMR9 interface.

Bugs fixed in V49:
Save game time are now in local time and not GMT.
Fixed Lightning effects in final battle and hanger.
Added build version to start screen.
Changed conversation to use action key.
Multisampling and post process are no mutually exclusive. (Only possible with DX9.0a or higher)
Stopped ammunition decreasing too fast.
Added key remapping for cycle weapons.
Stopped quick-save from producing empty filenames.
Fixed incorrect lighting on staticly lit animated objects.
Stopped failed controller profile from removing existing profiles.
Added user clip plane support to projected shadows.
The bartender without a face is fixed.

v52 was created as a replacement for v49 without the benchmarking and playback features. The only other thing it seems to do is muck up the samed games.

If you are still having trouble then try v52. Some players have reported it sorted out some problems?