View Full Version : Dreamcast Cheats?

06-07-00, 19:10
I went to the main page and there are no dreamcast cheats. Does anybody any? I need a level skip cheat.

tlr online
07-07-00, 02:53
Dreamcast cheats for The Last Revelation are currently being worked on and will be posted to the site (www.thelastrevelation.com) ASAP.

Evelyn Turner
01-09-07, 09:38
go to this link: http://tombraiders.net/stella/cheats/TR4cheats.html and scroll down and you will find the dreamcast cheats (level skip, infinite amo and items, all weapons and items and all special items:keys artifacts etc)

hope this was helpful :)


02-09-07, 11:27
Weren't the DC cheats where similarly enabled to the PS ones and in consequence an utter pain? Level Skip for example requires you to face exactly NORTH in a particular level and then input a button sequence.

I don't need/use cheats like this normally but I remember I wanted to redo part of City of the Dead and so had to use the Level Skip. It sounds easy to enable but it isn't because the only way of guaranteeing the absolute precision necessary is to climb or hang drop from a south facing block/edge or north facing block/edge and tumble turning.

Remember you have to do this in each level you want to skip. In some finding a suitable block is a game in itself.