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15-11-03, 01:36
Got AOD on Monday, and as a hardened Tomb Raider fan, I thought it's... OK.

And yes, I have completed all the games previous to AOD, read the comics (rubbish) seen the films (dire) and even have that Douglas Adams book. I used to belong to a Yahoo! TR group but got wierd emails from a sad man from Norway and promptly left. I am a proper TR fan, where's my membership card and badge? ;)

I'm not a huge game player, so I can't say things like "it's a metal gear solid/ Doom/halflife rip off" but I do love playing with Lara (that sentance has raised a few eyebrows and have many folk question my sexuality, let me tell you) as a wonderful form of escapism.

Yes, I may have yelled, screamed, pleaded and begged at her- "you stupid cow! Why did you have to die!" Is a common muttering from myself during many a TR game, but Lara is easy forgiven. In short, I think Lara Croft _is_ a culture icon, and the games highly addictive and fun.

But 'Angel' has burst my TR bubble.

AOD doesn't "feel" like old Tomb Raider, it feels Hollywood, Angelina Jolie TR. Anyone else notice that Lara's outfits are in keeping with the look of the movies?

Admittingly it has fab moments, and while I am at the Red Ghost stage, perhaps I shouldn't be making snap decisions. But what I have found so far is:

*Controls are sluggish: I used to be able to do a really cool jump/roll that moved Lara the opposite direction- same as pressing forward made her roll as well, and got me out of sticky situations. Where did that go? And while I am 'used' to the controls now, I much prefer the old system.

*Reality/fantasy borderline: well, what is this game? The whole "Lara can only hang by her fingernails for a short amount of time" does make logical sense, but "Lara can only hang by her fingernails for a short amount of time whilst in a room full of lurching zombies" doesn't. Lara in the previous games somehow managed to do super-human things in un-human surroundings, and look fabulously unrumbled by it all. While the Louvre levels were fantastic fun to play -and watch, as a friend remarked it was like a "mini-movie" to see.


This R/F border is annoying, and the Hall of Seasons levels feel like a pastiche of the original TR game: the Italy levels, especially. While interacting with people and Lara-the-Thief is fun, it doesn't fit in with the series. I can see the programmers thought: "Hmm, how to tart the old girl up, keep old fans happy and introduce new fans... I know, let's shove all these elements in the mix and see what happens..."

I'm at the end boss for the Hall of Seasons, and something has happened that never has before: I cannot be bothered to carry on playing TR: AOD.

Is it worth the bother, hardened fans? What do you think?


Lady Ann
15-11-03, 05:12
Hi Sian.
Welcome to the forum. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

I am not a good person to answer your question because I got bored after the first 5 levels and quit. Maybe I will finish the game when its cold and snowy out with nothing else to do. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

15-11-03, 13:58
I got to the top of the museum and quit.

If the CONTROL had been there, I think it would have been a major, mega seller.
Graphics were excellent......too bad(!) gameplay wasn't.

15-11-03, 20:02
I am a veteran fan of Tomb Raider just as yourself, as I have played and completed the games numerous times since TR1 made its debut. Hoever, I haven't read the comics (but I take it they're not worth it, according to you).

However, I really enjoyed AOD. I did get aggrovated by the sluggish controls, but aside from that I had some fun.

Yes, your right, it was different. But surprisingly, thats why I liked it. I will admit that I like the old Lara the best, but putting Lara in new situations and conditions made it even more exciting. I think with a good controls upgrade and more of the old moves, the game wouldn't be such a turn off to veterans such as myself.

So, whats wrong with Lara being in new situations, anyway? Yes, the old Lara Gameplay experience is our pride and joy, but too much of a good thing will make us not enjoy the old Lara as much, IMO. Who says they cant take us on a new adventure like AOD, and afterwards return Lara to the enviroments and gameplay we are used to seeing her in?

I see AOD just as a fresh breath of air, and showing that Lara can handle any situation. Of course, Lara should return to her origional Tomb Raiding, but what fun is it to see Lara do pretty much the same thing, over and over? I think its great to see how versatile Lara is, and can be.

Am I the only one who thinks this way?

16-11-03, 12:36
.::§mylez::.:No, some agree with you. But not many...

sian_shoe: It's probably worth getting to the end, anyway - you've only really got Prague to go, and as a TR fan, and more importantly because you spent money on the game, it's probably worth finishing.

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