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sausage mahoney
06-08-03, 00:33
after the fat guy poison's lara, where do u go? I ran all over that damn room and couldnt figure out where to go!

06-08-03, 00:48
Hey sausage mahoney! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif Well, after Muller "gasses" you go to the foutain in the middle of the room. Pull the foutain head that doesn't have any water coming out of it. After that, you'll see a cut-scene showing a new entrance inside one of the walls. Go to the open area and follow the stars to pull a lever. A door is opened and now you can continue on w/the level! I hope this was of some help! Good Luck and keep tomb raiding! ;)

Gina Vaught
06-08-03, 00:49
If you are looking toward the place where he was standing, to the left at wall you will notice a pipe you can climb all the way up to the walkways, whatever their called, at the ceiling there you have to flip a couple of switches I think. Hope this helps.

Gina Vaught
06-08-03, 00:51
oh no, so sorry, that is later in another room :eek: . <--keeping mouth shut from NOW ON.