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04-07-03, 15:55
Talk about bad luck, I got a new radeon 9800 graphics card the day that AOD was released (before time! explain how that one works) and my entire computer shut down (Due to graphic card not working properly). So while its been fixed im using a system that just to say covers the minimum requirements.

Then, after recieving a temporary replacement whilst my other parts are being replaced, Amazon hadnt dispatched my order until yesturday. Not looking good so far....

Heres my verdict on the game for those who dont yet have it or who are just interested.

Story Line:

We all know the story line by now (if not uv been living under a rock) and its as good as it sounds. It is different to previous TR games, but then again, its not totally transformed, which is good. I think this is the right direction, especially if the sequels are currently in production. 9/10

Graphics, glitches & lockups:

I am currently running this game with 256 Ram, Geforce 4mx graphics and a pentium 4 - 2 GHZ system at full resolution with full effects enabled. To be quite honest, it runs fine with only minor slowdowns that dont affect gameplay.

The lighting effects are stunning and the overall graphics are smooth and sharp, even lara looks great. I did find that updating the graphics drivers helped the look of the game, because prior to updating the drivers I couldnt see Lara when she was under water (just a black screen).

Graphics 8/10 - shame about the glitches, missing items (shotgun & faces). I give it 10/10 for great lighting & Effects and the overall smoothness of the level design

Camera & Controls:

I was absolutely dreading this part of the game, especially after the Americans gave it such bad press. The old method was tried & tested, so why mess with it???

As it happens, I have configured my sidewinder gamepad to exactly the same control system as in previous TR games, and it works fine. I do feel sorry for those with a PS2 and analogue control though.

The camera is pretty much the same as in previous TR games (3rd person shoulder view), with a couple of awkward angles in parts, but once again, this does not spoil the game in any way.

8/10 - Some better camera control would improve this score, but the controls on PC are easy to use and are compatible with most gamepads. Also easy to reconfigure.

Locations, Weapons & Costumes:

The first three levels are too short for my taste and I thought this was going to be a very quick game (which would really annoy me after a three year wait). Once the training is out of the way, there is a good mix of city based locations and Tombs/ancient temples etc. So far, Im impressed with the locations in the game.

The weapons are different (ie, stunguns and dart guns) as well as only having one pistol and an invisible shot gun!!! Personally, I think the new weaopns are a nice touch. Not too fussed on stealth mode though, it doesnt work anywhere near as good as Splinter Cell, at the same token, this game is not supposed to be Splinter Cell.

Outfit changes are nice and different to the originals (at last).



Some great new puzzles, and if you dont cheat or read any walkthroughs, you will appreciate them more.


Overall Verdict from Dr Satan:

After wondering if the game actually existed a week ago, I am more than impressed so far with this game (im only in the Hall of seasons so far) and personally think that any old TR fan should have no problems with this one at all. If your really sceptical (as I was right until I got past the training levels), look at it from a new perspective - its new technology, expect a few changes. If your a real TR fan, GO AND BUY IT.... NOW.

Overall Score: 8/10

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04-07-03, 19:57
Good review Doc :) glad to hear positive things bout the game

04-07-03, 20:06
you made my "evening" and my "day" tomorrow lol doc :D

04-07-03, 20:08
Interesting and informative review, good job, satan. I hope the game is even better than You say ;)