View Full Version : The code disc

05-07-03, 04:37
I'm confused, so is this ultimate codes disc coming out on the 8th only for a hardware device called Action Replay similair to GameShark?
I thought it was just a disc that told u cheat codes...
So does this mean there is no way to get cheat codes unless u have this Action Replay device that costs $40???

05-07-03, 05:21
That's what I hear, too. So it must be true.

05-07-03, 13:51
Hi TRguy, Slovakia posted codes he said he found on Codejunkies, and seeing I'm sitting here suffering while waiting for AOD to make it's appearance in NZ,
I entered them all in AR2 v2. Then went to 'junkies to look for myself--- and though the cheat descriptions were the same, the codes were all different!!!!!
Well, I got stuck in and entered all them again under another heading, and so have two sets---- when I get the game in a few days, I'll test them both and let you know what works---