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Anti-Polar Bear
20-04-03, 18:34
Well, I went to see a movie last night, and during the previews, the Pirates Of The Carrabian trailer played. During the trailer, they played the same orchistral music that is played in the Angel Of Darkness trailer. So now I'm wondering about that piece? Anyone know what it's called? Who orchistrated it? Just wondering.. It's an.. Interesting piece. ;)

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20-04-03, 19:17
Maybe you could try going to the website for the Pirates of the Carribean (or whatever it was). They might have info on the music. That's really interesting that the music was the same though! If you get info on it, send it to me! I'm interested in it too! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Anti-Polar Bear
20-04-03, 21:11
I highly doubt that the site would have info on the music, usually the music for the trailer has nothing to do with the movie, unfortunatly.

I also found it interesting that the music was the same, I thought the music for the trailer was exclusive for the trailer, done by the LSO, but I guess not..

20-04-03, 23:24
I thought so too!!!

But I saw a commersial a few days ago on tv about some hockeygame between sweden and finland stating "this time it's personal". At first I just flinched and stared at the screen without knowing why. (I'm not really in to hockey that much, especially not a game between these two conties) then I heard the tune! It's the same one!

Seems to be some popular notes!!! I want it too! The commercial always makes me think of AOD! :D