View Full Version : Lara Croft the icon (Media bash her)

24-06-03, 15:54
You guys know why this game is going to get bashed?
one because like it or not Lara Croft is the IT gaming icon right now...and sorry to Mario fans but hes been de throned honestly...lara is everywhere ...her character has a sucessful movie and a second movie coming out ..she's all over t.v. shes liek a real person...and when someone is this hot ..its cool to diss and hate on it ...take britney spears for example not many people said they liked her but somehow she's sold well over 50 million records world wide...hmmm think on that

24-06-03, 15:59
Exactly. Somehow, it's cool and trendy to hate Lara and Tomb Raiders now.
I really don't think that AoD is THAT bad game as everyone is claiming.

24-06-03, 16:00
If your made fun of or bashed by the media, it means that your big and that you've done something right.

24-06-03, 17:01
Hey that's a pretty darn good point... I never looked at it that way.