View Full Version : Stuck In Loure Storm Drains *spoiler*

24-06-03, 19:58
Can somebody help me I have turned all the valves except one the problem Is I can't find the last one. I know that I have to go in some area and place the bomb on an oil can but don't know how to get there.

tlr online
24-06-03, 23:24
Hello ASmith. I hope this will help you from our AOD guide. Facing the pool of water, go to the right. Place your bomb on oil barrel and turn and jump into the water. Head to the left. There is drainpipe that you can swim into. Go straight into the drain pipe. Take the second left. Climb up the pipe. Turn left. You should now be overlooking the burning room.

Drop down onto the cement walkway. Facing the center of the room. Go right. Climb up the ladder. Go across the cement walkway. As you go down the next ladder, go about halfway and press the jump button which will make Lara do a backflip over the fire. Run toward the next fire and jump over it. Go to the blown out area of the wall. You are now in the basement of the Louvre. Go left.