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24-06-03, 20:45
Hi all,

What a great way to begin and end a week. I do an exam (Finance) - very hard and very boring and TR is supposed to not be released!

And guess what - there are rumours about TR not coming out this Friday!

Thanks a lot Eidos - take a leaf out of EA's book - at least they can bring out games - Example: The Sims Superstar!

The Sims is buggy, but at least it was brought out. It is a fun game as well.

I really want this game to be out - what annoys me is that all the Yanks/ Americans get to play it and the rest of us in the EU have to twiddle our thumbs until Eidos get their thumbs out of their A***s and just release it!

I am still going to buy the game - but I don't want to buy it Friday week - July 4th - what a great day for us all - NOT!

I am just letting off some steam as the exam was bloody hard and I will know in August how I do. Wish me luck!!


(Very p****d off at the moment)!

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P.S. Elen, TLROnline - could either of you get confirmation from Eidos to clarify this information?

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24-06-03, 21:11
Good luck with your exam, I took a couple of finance exams and know how u feel. Look on the bright side, If I can pass em, so can u!

I know how ya feel about the delay and the americans getting it before us......we all share your frustration m8.

24-06-03, 21:16
Hi Conor, how r u? (silly question really)

Yeah, I'm annoyed too but not because the game has been delayed but because Eidos hasn't even said any reason for the delay. Ok, I understand if it's been delayed because of shipping or bug fixing but what I don't understand is why they didn't tell us (if this is the reason). Surly I (we) would understand and be kind of relived that they are fixing the bugs. I'm going down to Woolworth's tomorrow to see what's going on with the release date and to ask will it be here on Friday. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that it will be released on Friday (like all of us are doing). I'm not mad at America for getting the game first I'm just mad at Eidos for not saying a word about the Europe delay. I guess another week won't kill us. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

24-06-03, 21:31
Conor, there are many rumors about the release date, but there is no an official statement about it...

24-06-03, 21:41
At least all stores in Norway still says the release is on the 27th, so I still have some hope... ;)

But maybe they haven`t been updated. :eek: