View Full Version : Hey all of you AOD cheaters!!!!

24-06-03, 22:43
Good news for all of you people who want to cheat on the AOD. This has already been mentioned but there will be a special code disc for the AOD on the PS2 wich will only be $9.99 and comes out on 06/30/03 which is the end of the month. Also this means that they will release codes for the game that you will be able to use without this disc so some good news for those who want to cheat on the AOD. CLICKHERE TO SEE (http://www.eboodle.com/buy/products__search_box--1,keyword--ps2+ultimate+codes+disc,cat_id--15010203,SEARCH_GO.x--24,SEARCH_GO.y--6,ir--455.html)

24-06-03, 23:05
how come theres a picture of the old medi pack on the cover. its brown isnt the new one green?

24-06-03, 23:40
Who knows?? :rolleyes: They also used a Lara model when they should have used the ONE AND ONLY LARA CROFT.

24-06-03, 23:45
i feel sorry for that poor lara modle. thats only her second job this year. :( lol

24-06-03, 23:55
That's a good one, lol! :D