View Full Version : avoid Prima's AOD guide like the plague!

24-06-03, 23:55
I do not recommend using Prima's AOD guide, it has been wrong so many times and I've come to figure out that I'm better off without it. Don't waste your money!

24-06-03, 23:58
Yep, I noticed that too, it's given lots of bad advice and wrong puzzle solutions. Horrible guide

tlr online
25-06-03, 00:00
I think Prima should have had lampe3d aboard. They've done a sterling job on our AOD guide!

25-06-03, 01:16
A great big huge fat hairy AMEN to you! My prima guide has NOT helped much and has mislead me with pictures and with incorrect advice too many times. I've had their guides for every Tomb Raider just in case I got stuck. Up until this point they have been dead on with everything in the guides. I've never even found a single error in one of the others. This one SUCKS with a capital S. Wishing you all an extra 100 large medipacks and enough ammo to waste everything in Lara's sight twice! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

25-06-03, 01:19
It's not all bad...i made it all the way to the Hall of Seasons with is...granted there ARE some misleading things in it, but maybe it was written BEFORE the final results were added to the game?

FYI...Use seperate saving slots..I made it to the Hall and when Lara fell to her death I decided to load early, only to save it at that point! I had to start over! :D

25-06-03, 01:34
Jaws_Victim, once you get back to the Hall of Season's and are almost finished with that particular area, the Prima guide is missing a CRUCIAL piece of information as to how to move on to the next level. When you are there and ready for it, let me know!

25-06-03, 02:07
Haven't bought the guide but do not need it now that i have finished the game. But this is to jaws if he should see this i did the same thing i was at the dig site the first time and went to jump up and monkey swing under the bridge and jumped out instead and went to load up again and saved instead and of course had to start over. it is no fun. lol.