View Full Version : Is this the final series?

24-06-03, 23:55
Will the new trilogy be the last trilogy for Lara?, iv always seen Lara as a character that would get re-invented for many years to come, has Eidos said anything about this issue?

tlr online
24-06-03, 23:57
I suspect Eidos will use the AOD trilogy as a feeler but I would be surprised if they ended their best selling franchise anywhere in the near future. Take James Bond for instance. Ian Flemings secret agent has remained ageless for over 40 years and 20 outings.

25-06-03, 00:02
Tomb Raider forever!! Wa Hoo! Except one thing they'll have to do is make her stop aging or something, (like James Bond), b/c we don't wanna have to play an 80 year old Lara! Could you imagine that!? :D

25-06-03, 00:33
Well, they tried killing her off and ending it all with last revelation and look what happened. She lives.

I think Core design got tired of Tomb Raider a long time ago, which is one of the reasons for changing the game engine (hopefully to revive some of the feeling created by the original).

They have got off to a REALLY bad start with AOD (Will they bother doing a sequel at all? after recieving bad press). I personally think they will kill her off again at the end of the trilogy, possibly selling the franchise or using curtis as the main character in a brand new game.

Talking about old characters.... what happened to sonic the hedgehog, the super Mario Bros & Duke Nukem????

25-06-03, 03:50
It would be funny (and sick) if we saw a Mae Young Lara Croft in 60 years time.