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25-06-03, 04:55
A lot of people over the net are a bit ****ed off with AOD so hopefully the more people on this thread give their thoughts on improvements, we can start a petition and hopefully Eidos will do something to improve the next game, because the more people who reply a petition will lead to the best ever TR game for the fans and more money for Eidos!
My thoughts:
* Bring back the D-Pad. At least have the AOD Analog and the D-Pad controls from the original TR games.
* Smarter Enemies
* Besides the AOD camera view, there should be an option for the traditional TR camera view
* Widescrean option
* More controller options
* Get twice the ammount of testers so that the game isn't full of bugs.

25-06-03, 04:58
Agree on everything you said Mr_X. I hate the analog stick :mad:

25-06-03, 05:00
Not release it nearly a year late...

25-06-03, 05:13
...And release PC and PS2 at the same time :D

25-06-03, 05:13
I say get us to beta test yeah!! also add more gameplay time
vehicles-motorcycles-boats-aston martins
Even more impressove enviroments
less bugs-
more isolate locations - gian cargo plan-747 plan- offshore rigs- cruse ships
mini game things to keep you entertained for hours
For example deadly obstical courses- boat, motorcycle races.
make lara a pet compaion
let lara ride horses and shoot people(COL)
Of Course return to the tombs maybe even a level in russia where you have to steal Leons body(you know the guy who is in red square and is mummified)
More action than ever maybe a post war level (Medal of honor type levels) but in remote places where you have like tribes and caniables yeah!

25-06-03, 05:41
For anyone wondering, the analog stick is used to move Lara the same way as AOD and the D-Pad is also used to control Lara, but you move Lara the same way as TR1-5.

25-06-03, 07:55
Ditch Eidos

Fugitive Lara
25-06-03, 08:48
New House level - with LOADS of mini puzzles to do also mini games such as the quad bike track (but new and improved and longer)
Have horse stables and a big field with horse jump pole things on it so lara can ride her horse and you control it to jump over the poles lol and she says all the horse words to make it faster etc, ooh and dont forget a whip ;)
Have a huge garage with loads of flash cars that you can drive around in.
Have loads of rooms in the house, in the last house level she had the gym, the swimming pool, kitchen, her bedroom, the music room, the library, and an attic. The house is HUGE surely they can make more rooms http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif hmm what else?
oh yes... NEW ASSAULT COURSE! :D and a new target practice mode, where the camera goes into first person mode so u can only see her hands and then u control her hands to shoot the targets http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Also the controls should go back to old tomb raider style left is spin left not run left like they are in aod etc. Also better graphics! and give lara / other characters fingernails and make lara look more realistic in general.
Better costumes and more costume changes, maybe you can pick what she wears for each level, ooh and bring the cat suit back ;)
and SEND HER BACK TO THE TOMBS! the game is called 'tomb raider' after all...

25-06-03, 10:36
What should Core do for TR7...
*Hire a new PR department to relay news of delays... WITH explanations.
* Release the game in it's country of origian BEFORE the damn yankess :rolleyes:
* Fix the bugs (delay it if it will fix the bugs!!!)

25-06-03, 10:39
I think lara should revisit where she nearly died.And then discover another tomb where she fell, and then discover she was the angel of darkness, after touching a special artifact.That then took over her bodied, turned her into the angel of darkness, and KILLED her butler.God,thank god u can lock him in the kitchen freezer,the billy no m8s.

25-06-03, 10:46
What Core should do in TR7...

-...delay it continuously and then release a buggy version in the USA and after delaying AOD in Europe finally admit that this game will never be released in Europe.

-...change the name into "Nightclub Raider". In this brand new game, Lara will visit the best clubs of Paris and drink continuously. You will finish the game if you manage to drink as few drinks as possible. Eidos would teach the teen palyers not to drink any alcoholic drinks! :D

25-06-03, 11:18
I know what they should do for TR7:


25-06-03, 11:20
relearse en one time and early but very good

25-06-03, 17:16
I love all your ideas. :cool: FugitiveLara, the house ideas are AWESOME!!! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif When I first started playing Tomb Raider (the first game ever releasd), I thought her house was the greatest. If they added all of the things you mentioned, it would be the greatest Croft Mansion ever. I'd play just the house for hours! :D

26-06-03, 00:08
they should release tr6 (AOD) first before talking about the next game....

26-06-03, 01:17
why do u guys get so ****ed off do u guys even know why they are releasing the pc version late? its because they are fixing all the defects they had on the ps2 platform! they are trying to make it a better game for us so put up with it! beleive it'll be worth the wait

26-06-03, 01:41
I think that they should make a new and improved house for Lara that is an actual complete level but a training one also. Also I think they should expand it and make it bigger with more adventurous stuff. Bring back the old and bring in the new; they should have a better asault course, better maze, better house, Lara's very own lake complete withe under ground access and jetskis, and they should have more usable vehicles in the game like in GTA Vice City, but better cars. Lara should be able to do anything so these next games should be very vast and complex such as some Final Fantasy's and other games. The plot should blow us away and be the best as it keeps coming.