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25-06-03, 12:24
Seeing the bugs there are in AOD I'm wondering if the delays of the europe release mean that core will try to make the game better before selling it on PC and PS2 in europe. Does anyone know what are the real reasons of the delays? :confused:

25-06-03, 12:43
I have been thinking the same thing. Do you think a manufacture/shipping problem would delay the game this much? I don't. I have always said that they may be fixing the bugs for the european release. They rushed the American release to make their finacial year thing. Maybe there is far less pressure for the release in Europe, therefore they can afford to take their time. In most of the previews/reviews for the European version, they don't seem to have mentioned any bugs. An example is the C&VG initial impressions posted here a few days ago. They have got their review copy, but mention a solid frame rate- no slowdown. I have no idea if this is true, but it makes me feel better and look forward to the release in Europe.

25-06-03, 13:00
Hasnīt gone gold yet? Doesnīt that mean that itīs about to ship to the stores now am I right

I really want the game to be delayed again, because Iīve read some really bad reviews. I really hope that they fix all the bad things. Even though Iīve waited 3 very long years for this game. I really really donīt want it to be a **** game http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif

25-06-03, 13:32
Hello Maklo, welcome to the forum http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Lleonard Pler
25-06-03, 13:52
Seeing that every country has a different release date it really seems that all these new delays are because of stock problems. Maybe they couldn't produce enough copies for UK, where there's the highest demand for this game, so they distribute earlier the few copies they have to other countries where the demand is lower? :confused:

Anyway I hope that here in Spain it gets released this Friday as announced by all the main stores. :D

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25-06-03, 14:00
I don't think it was ment to come out in the US earlier then in Europe. Because now everyone in Europe can download the game before it is even launched in Europe. I think that they had to release it in the US to make their financial year good and that they will release a version without (or with less) bugs in Europe, and put some fixes online for the US version of the game

25-06-03, 14:05
I agree EvaNo, I believe us europeans may recieve a sligthly less buggy version.

25-06-03, 14:08
News about the German and European releases on Gamers.com:


Sounds like journalists and magazines are getting fed up with the wait as well as fans...

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