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25-06-03, 14:23
yeah, i was playing TR and I got stuck so I looked here for a hint and I found out that the way I went wasn't in the walkthrough. In my version the guy at the cafe metro told me to go to the serpent rouge and find his old box in a stage light rig in exchange for info about bouchard. Did anyone else go this way?

25-06-03, 14:36
I did once but you get upper body strength from going the other way and more ammo. But if you go the way you're going you get a passcode from Pierre to get into Janice's appartment and you get a few items in the droors of the desk behind her, and you have to take the dangerouse way to St. Aicard's Graveyard, be careful.

25-06-03, 14:40
Also if you didn't know this but in the strategy guide is says to go in the sewers right after you get the package so when you get down to the ground there is a a manhole in the alleyway and on the street. Enter in one of those and make your way to the main entrence to the sewers by the park.(HINT: keep crawling back and forth at the vent in the sewers to pick up more money and ammo. ;) )

25-06-03, 14:41
ok thanks a lot.

25-06-03, 14:46
yeah i was stuck at the serpent rouge i couldn't get to the light. can you tell me how to get it? pretty please. and thanks for the info.

25-06-03, 15:31
Well to get to the light you have to go up and make your way to the control room when your getting off the moving thing with lights and you go up the ladder there is a thing on the left but you can't use it yet.Slide down the slope and jump over to the other platform jump the gap and jump and grab the ledge of the metal thing then shimmy over to the left side until you can get up. Then position yourself to jump over to the control room. Jump over and kick down the bridge. Go inside of the control room and look for any pickups (there is a candybar down the ladder). THen you will see two switches near the window in the control room. Now remember that box. The switch on the left controls the movement of the lights and the one on the right controls which one you want to put in that box. So find the broken light and move it into the box then retrieve the package. When you come back over there will be a guard so get ready. (HINT:look for the 'broken light' with sparks. :rolleyes: ) :cool: Then go out the door iif you're done.

BTW/ there is a door on the bottom floor that you can open. It's near the main locked entrence of Le Serpent Rouge near the steps.

25-06-03, 17:44
thanks again, but maybe i just had to click more but when i was in the control room there was only one switch which was the right one and it just kept on bringing the box back and forth-I was getting so frustrated.....