View Full Version : stuck in St. Aicard's Graveyard

25-06-03, 14:54
I found where I need to go, but when I try to open the door, it says that im not strong enough. What do I need to do?

25-06-03, 15:29
Have you been by the angel yet?

25-06-03, 15:50
No, where is the angel?

25-06-03, 15:58
To get the upgrade go to the fenced in part with angel statue in it. There is a door on that tomb in there. Do that and get the pickups then go to the other corner of the graveyard where you saw the other door and knock it down and get the pickups. Then knock over the angel statue in the other fenced in place where you were. This gets you to Bouchard's Hideout.