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25-06-03, 16:47
this game has gotten horrible reviews. What do you guys who have the ps2 version think about this game. Im really rethinking about getting this game now.

25-06-03, 16:55
For what its worth, Davez

I rarely read reviews to be honest, theres always going to be people who just want to review the game to give it a bashing. Im afraid that is the general mentality these days - Build it up and knock it down (as they say in England!)

Apperently the game does have its faults, but nothing major. Ill make my own mind up when it comes out here in 6 months time http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif
Your better off listening to people who have the game and have actually played it.
So your in the right place!

25-06-03, 17:22
Ya just gotta play the game urselfs to judge bout the game.The reviews shocked me :eek: but after all its if YOU like the game or not.. :cool:

25-06-03, 18:55
Just for fun--or is it torture?--I went over to Gamespot and read their review. It seems they really wanted to like the game and said as many good things as bad about it. I also must say that I can't really disagree too much with any of their complaints about the game, especially the last remark where they say we shouldn't have to make so many concessions to be able to enjoy the game... that one struck home with me 'cause I realize that that is what I've been doing; making concessions, excuses, etc. I think a lot of us are overlooking things that we shouldn't have to because we soooo want to love this game! I think that's alright because we're all big fans; but it is kind of sad that Eidos had boxed themselves into a fiscal corner and, in the end, had to take us all for granted... because they know we'll show up to buy it!
In summation, with all I've said, I'd still rate the game an 8 or 8.5 and not the 6.5 Gamespot says, but it's interesting to note that the average member review on Gamespot is almost 7.5!!! Laras' fans always show up! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

26-06-03, 02:16
Once I got over the freezing, bugging, and everything else I'm going through....I realized that I really am not enjoying this game like I did the last five. I know everyone says you'll get used to the controls eventually but if you really dislike analog like I do then it's more of a chore to play the game and truthfully the camera swings at all crazy angles, you're running forward, next thing you know you're jumping sideways for no reason at all other than the camera turned and you didn't know. My Lara has died so many times from stupidness....where in the past, maybe I would try a standing jump, it wouldn't work, but I could gauge the distance and then do the appropriate jump. My biggest issue is not being able to gauge distance. Also trying to do things when all you can see is the top of Lara's head no matter what you do. I'm feeling really mixed because I wanted to love it and have it be as great as the last ones and it just isn't living up to expectations. I know a lot of people can deal with it because they are way more fanatical than I am.....and I always considered myself a huge fan. Now I'm just plodding through the game (although once Lara fell and she smack her leg on a pipe going down and landed all pretzelly-it was too funny). I hate that after going through 5 screens to save, the default still lands on NO so if you press quick you may not have saved. My game has astronomical slowdown though thank god it is not freezing up anymore. I hate the new health system, the new weapons, the item "black spot" where you can't see what you've picked up. I love the graphics and the story although some things just don't make any sense at all-like if the police are following you to arrest you for murder why is it okay to kill everyone in your path to prove yourself innocent? C'mon Lara should've been gone to jail 20 times over!

Well I'm just playing little bits every so often trying to convince myself that I'll like the game eventually....knowing that it plays like all the other games that I never wanted to buy because I never like their controls and was never convinced of the purpose of the game. The one thing that is making me happy is that you can get all the health and ammo you need by flipping between load screens-best glitch ever! But I agree with most of the reviewers about the quality is not as good as previous.

Next TR I will rent first to make sure I will like it before I buy and it's the best way to find out for yourself whether you will like it before plunking down your money. I'll still keep it and play it for my collection but I probably won't replay it as often as I do the other ones because playing it just makes me curse with severe frustration.

PS before you all start getting mad at me again for stating my opinion....like I care, but it's my opinion. I also own The Lost Artifact and I hate it because it's PC only and I always played on PS1 so I really really hated using the PC controls and to this day have not gotten through the whole thing. I know it's my personal problem! But now I think it's better than Angel of Darkness.

26-06-03, 02:35
(in short): i think the angel of darkness is a wonderful game and was worth my money, i loved the parts of being in the louvre when the intruders enter and i love to fight Boaz(as crazy as that may sound) hehe :rolleyes: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/flirt.gif http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/music1.gif

26-06-03, 13:45
For me, I have not experienced the bugs, freezing, or slowing of the game....yet. I think its great so far, the only thing that is slightly frustrating is they way they changed the controls. Its just going to take some getting used to, but over all I think it was worth the money! :cool:

26-06-03, 14:01
BkBaby999: you might appreciate this in light of what I am about to say, but thanks for your review. It sounds like a description of the state of the game back in November, when I had decided not to get it. I thought they had corrected all of the movement and camera problems. Obviously they did not. I cannot play a game, or use any other piece of software, when it does not follow my commands. That's my absolute minimum standard, and AOD can't meet it. So much for trying to get back into playing Tomb Raider. :(