View Full Version : Help climbing wall in the hall of seasons!!!!

26-06-03, 00:45
How do you get enough strength or what position do i need to be in to climb the wall to get to the top of the hall of seasons? I have been to the door by the stairs to get the upgrade in strength but i still keep falling....

Raider X
26-06-03, 01:11
There is a ledge up top to the left!! ;)
Keep trying you will get it!! :D http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

26-06-03, 02:58
This took me FOREVER to complete. I would run out of energy just as I reached the top and didn't have time to shimmy sideways to the safety of the ledge, so just before I fell, I did a backflip and landed safely on the platform! You will get it. Seriously, it took me at least 10x before I made it.

26-06-03, 06:17
iv'e been trying for the past 2 days and i still cant even make it to the first platform 1/2 way up she doesn't have enough time..and she won't do a back flip...helpppp in re: to her climbing the wall in the hall of seasons...

Raider X
26-06-03, 08:06
Did you pull the switch? It is right there where
you do the climb!! ;)

26-06-03, 09:10
yes i pulled the switch then went to that room pushed the wall then came back and am now trying to climb just to the first little rock on the left that she can either grab or fall on but i just do not have enough time to get up there,,what if anything am i missing here? why does she climb so slow to where i cannot reach that flat rock in time...ahhhhhhh