View Full Version : A few more days to wait

26-06-03, 01:50
Tombraider AOD will be released on the june 29 for the US. web page (http://www.trleveldesighn.com/) While you wait you can always take a look at the strategy guide and claim your free poster.

26-06-03, 01:58
I hope so........ http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/bash.gif

26-06-03, 02:05
yeah me too...but why would they release a game on a sunday....alot of places are not open on sunday

26-06-03, 02:09
It is being shipped on sunday for monday for preorder.

26-06-03, 03:12
wow i would of thought you guys would have it already i got my game yesterday at Circuit City. I love it! Its great. Hope you guys get yours soon. You will love it too!

Karbear :D

26-06-03, 03:16
We're talking about the PC version. It came out for PS2 but not for PC or Europe. I wish we all could have it........ :(