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26-06-03, 09:56
Hi to everyone on the forum

If AOD finally arrives in the UK on 4th July have the 2 extra weeks been put to good use ironing out bugs.

I do believe this to be the case because Eidos must have been forced to release in the USA due to the end of financial year problem, if not, it must just be a case of incompetence ;)

Whatever happens in the next couple of weeks theres no point in getting angry about delays, after 3 years of waiting it's no problem and (fingers crossed) it'll all be worth the wait :D

26-06-03, 09:59
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I agree with you place midas. For evidence of your suggestions, look at this:


26-06-03, 10:24
Yeah it is better to get the game a bit later than getting a buggy game. BUT, a really big company like Eidos should not use the "Ironing bugs out" like an excuse for the delay. They had to release the game on time AND have the bugs ironed out! But since the things turned out like these... then let's all hope that it will be worth waiting! :D