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26-06-03, 10:20
ok, i cannot believe this game has bought me to the point of posting, but im gonna go mad if i die another time !!

OK, i have done the lever, done the room, got medipack have climbed my way to the small green ledge on the right & that is where the lovely Lara now stands (altho i have been calling her worse of late)
I have read the guide on this site but cannot figure out where to go.
I have Lara facing out towards the room, she can jump up grab something invisible lol, cannot move forward only back to the left where i came from, how on earth do i progress from here ??

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26-06-03, 10:22
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26-06-03, 10:24
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26-06-03, 14:31
Here is a very crude diagram of where to go.

</font><blockquote>code:</font><hr /><pre style="font-size:x-small; font-family: monospace;"> ------- (edge of ceiling/wall)
sm gr platform </pre>[/QUOTE]The goal is to get from the small green platform to another platform that is above you and to the right (if you are standing and facing the room). To do this, we positioned Lara so that she was standing in a line parallel to the ledge with the lever and toward the wall/ceiling).

The climbable portion of the wall/ceiling runs above her and to the left. Jump up and grab the ceiling. Monkey swing across at an angle to the edge of the ceiling. Once you get to the edge, Lara will hestitate and reposition herself so that her body is now facing the ledge with the lever and the small green platform is to your right. Climb upward and at the top and to your left is a small platform.

Lara has barely enough strength to execute this manuever and we found we had to be very precise with how she was positioned and to where we climbed.