View Full Version : Please help about weapons *spoilers*

26-06-03, 15:00
Ok i met kurtis and he disarmed me and alli have is the little gun that was at von croys apartment and the viper smg the cleaner left...and the guns i did have are gone and all i have is the clips for them..when do i get them back ....and i think i missed the opertunity to get the double pistosl as well cause in my walkthrough it says i get them from the cleaner but i didn't see them..please help me out guys thanks

26-06-03, 15:31
Then why did everyone say there weren't going to be any double pistols in the game if they are??? Sorry I'm not there yet but can help you cause I have the officail prima AOD strategy guide. :D :cool:

26-06-03, 15:39
I just read this part about the pistol and it says it's a Rigg 09 pistol and that there is only one.

26-06-03, 17:50
well i got the cleaners viper gun ..and in the prima book it says you get the other pistol so you have two or whatever ..and now i only have liek 3 guns and all the ammo cause kurtis took them all ....does anyone know when i get my guns back?

27-06-03, 15:30
I went through the entire game with those same guns, i didn't get any of the other ones back, unless they are hidden somewhere. So i really dont think that you can get them back. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yuck.gif