View Full Version : If you wait for AOD, it is an advice

26-06-03, 20:29
Seeing all the bugs of the PS2 version, I just can advise people who can play AOD on PC to buy the PC version.
First, the controls can be customised so we will learn faster to control Lara.
Second, Core design know that the game is full of bugs and I think they can't make another version and the only solution is to make updates easily installed on a computer (easier than on a PS2).
So we just can hope updates of the game, because they know that there are many problems and the might make patchs.

26-06-03, 21:07
I'am shure about that. maybe they corrected a few bugs already and after the relase, they would create some correction files. And of course we will have better graphics in the PC.