View Full Version : Looking at Items in the Item Menu.

26-06-03, 20:35
Hi! First time poster here. I've played every TR game through, most more than once. I've almost always got every secret, too. (TLR being the one exception, which I will correct.) So, it is all the more frustrating to me that I am have such a lot of trouble with AOD!

How do you look at the the maps? I would go to items and shift down to them, but when I selected them with the X button, nothing happens but the noise indicating that I pressed the button.

I couldn't get the Pawnbroker's code, either. I'd select the wallet, press X. That gave me the paper, below which there was a description saying the code was on it... but, again, how do I look at it? (I used the walk through... had to. A low point for me.)

26-06-03, 21:56
You know i was wounderin the same thing :confused: it would make it alot eaiser too play the game :D dont you think?

26-06-03, 22:16
Welcome to the forums Lagoonlady http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

I started playing TLR again today! - I forgot how hard that game was.

How has your Overall experience of AOD been?

27-06-03, 05:55
Hi Lagoonlady. Unfortunately, though you get the maps, you can't look at them :( It's a bug. As for the code in Renne's wallet, when you select 'use' on his wallet, the code shows up to the left, under the description "Renee's Wallet". Hope this helps. Have Fun!

27-06-03, 17:28
My overall experiences in AOD was great. i love the game and its the hardest one yet in ways of controls. But i do really like the game.