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26-06-03, 21:12
can anyone suggest a good ( cheap!) graphics card for aod? ive curently got something rage with 8mb of memory

and sky posted this on the offical eidos forum

Just had reply to e-mail I sent to Core:

Game is finished, with disc duplicators to make copies

Will update me with precise release date as soon as they know

As soon as I get a date from them I will post it here.

Here's hoping it's soon

26-06-03, 21:17
I would suggest you to buy AT LEAST ATI Radeon 9000, with 64 MB AGP. In the USA, it costs about $89 dollars.

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26-06-03, 21:18
With regard to a graphics card:

The burning question is always - "How much money are you willing to spend?"

If you let us know what your budget is, then we can make some recomendations!

26-06-03, 23:16
How about me.. Im willing to spend $100, whats the best graphic card I can get around that price?? Thanks!!

tlr online
26-06-03, 23:24
I personally would recommend nVIDIA 4200Ti - 4800Ti which boasts 128Mb memory, T&L and sports more than enough power to support the load The Angel Of Darkness will impose on any graphics card. Both ATi and nVIDIA will launch new cards (nVIDIA has just released the 5900 'Graphics Inferno' which re-steals the crown back from ATi (who formally acquired said crown for their 9700 Pro)) - in August 2003. This forthcoming release will also lower the price of older cards already in circulation. The NVIDIA 4200Ti series should match your price region. For more info, see www.ati.com (http://www.ati.com) or www.nvidia.com (http://www.nvidia.com) - regulars to this forum will know my preference for nVIDIA (for being a sterling, all round (and now leading) hardware manufacturer.)

Dark Angel
27-06-03, 00:04
Yes, the Geforce4Ti are a very very good and powerfull cards, and you can buy it for 130-150 €/$. The 128mb only use if you play at very high resolutions like 1600*1200 or more, if you don´t use this resolutions, it's better that you buy the same card but with 64mb DDR (have more speed frecuencies than the 128mb) and it's a little more cheap. 100-110€/$.

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