View Full Version : HELP ME!! I'm at the archeoligic dig site

26-06-03, 22:31
mind my spelling :). I am at the big wheel thing. I looked in the notebook and got 2 symbols. It says the other 2 are close by. Where are they? Thanks in advance

Melonie Tomb Raider
26-06-03, 22:40
Well I could tell you the symbols or tell you where they are. I'll tell you where they are. You know when you first enter that stage? Well, you need to open the door into those trailers ( Or mobile homes you may call them.). There is a symbol beside the printer on inside one trailer.It looks liek a bulls eye. And then you go in that yellow tent ( I think any ways.) And you pull a lever there. If it's not in the tent it's some where around there. It will make the computer beside this huge pile of dirt turn on. You open the door to that room with the dirt, use the computer which makes you see through the dirt. You look around the dirt until you find the other symbol and when you find it it will print on the printer next to you. Get it. And Vwala! You have all the symbols! :D

Spike J Wolfwood
26-06-03, 22:40
One of them is in the printer in the mobile room furthest in to the back of the room. The other you can find using the x-ray machine in the place with the broken wall ant the lamps set up. Just activate the monitor and move the camera around until it zooms in on a strange loop shape. Press “action” to get the print out.