View Full Version : Lost in "Lost Domain!"

26-06-03, 22:40
I'm at the end, facing the staircase with the blades coming at you. What do you do? It seems like I have tries everything, and I can't get past it. Please help.

27-06-03, 01:46
I am not sure if this is where you are, but, do you see a platform to your left and above you? You need to get to that platform. We did this by jumping to the platform as we were sliding down the little slope. I am not sure how you can get there if you don't jump during your slide.

27-06-03, 05:55
Okay, it's after the point where you pull the switch and have to run/jump as fast as you can to get to the grating before it closes. There's lava all around, and there's this staircase with a door at the top and when you step on the staircase the damn blades come at you and then drop in the floor after it slices you up like a New York deli. IT SUCKS TO DIE SO MANY TIMES?

27-06-03, 08:56
I don't know if I was just lucky but what I did was run up the side of the staircase and when the blades came down I walked around the side of the staircase. I was surprised that I didn't fall into the lava but I made it. I felt like such a retard because I tried so many other things and died ten million times but all you have to do is walk around it. This is my first post so hopefully it will help you. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/music2.gif