View Full Version : aod demo help

26-06-03, 22:48
can anyone show me where to go to get that demo of aod...thank you

26-06-03, 22:52
There is no demo for AOD... sorry. I'm wishing for one too. It isn't even out in Europe or for PC. But if you have a ps2 you can buy it. Hope that helps. :(

26-06-03, 22:56
Hi, Aod is not in demo yet.
Who knows when it will be. Seeing the PC version of the game keeps being delayed{ June 30th}.
That would be a good idea buying the Demo first. ;)

26-06-03, 23:25
I personally dont think we will see a demo for a few months yet (If we see one at all) :(

27-06-03, 00:58
thanks guys :(