View Full Version : most excellent!!

11-08-03, 18:35
Im only on the first level but I think the suspense of someone coming after u is excellent in this game.

Even on the first level, when I knew there was only one guard to deal with, I also felt like someone was coming for me.

like when I climed the ladders, even when I was standing still I head noises sounding like someone was climbing up the ladder to get me. I just also felt like I would run into somebody.

The games and the controls are not that bad. I had some slow downs and the cutscene after the 1st level was all messed up. But i restarted and it was fine!!

Good game so far!


11-08-03, 18:40
It's even worse with the suspense later on.

I saw the proto burst out of its cage miles before it actually came into contact with me. Also, little cut scenes where Kurtis kept seeing it really left me on edge, when it didn't really come for levels more.

11-08-03, 18:45
I thought It would be.

12-08-03, 01:49
I found very littles suspense in the game. Many areas where I thought it might get a bit exciting it turned out to be disappointing. Some of the large areas turned out to have nothing in them or just a few guards. I think they could of made the game a bit harder and more challenging. The stealth move would of been nice to use a lot more that you could.

12-08-03, 10:35
The stealth move was never necessary. U never really use it, and when you do its stupid.