14-07-03, 19:18
ok...im at the ending of this level. This levels been a real pain in the butt, but ive made it this far, and now im stuck. Im at the part with the Brother Abscura ghost, and I dont get what Im suppost to do. One walkthrough says to shoot it to make the ghost stationary for a second, so i can get the painting. SO thats what I do, and then i go over to get the painting...and the blue goes away!?! and i cant seem to get the painting...i run to each little blue light..and she wont pick it up..and then after all that running around, im eventually dead..so yeah.. Im sooooooooo confused! can someone PLEASE help me!!!

14-07-03, 19:23
ok what you need to do is get as close as you can to the blue light and takc out your shotgun and you stay still and press the fire butten as fast as the game can and when he is still go to the blue light and press acution Note: If you press the fire butten to fast it wont fire like a mechen gun

14-07-03, 19:30
yest thats true...all you need its a absolute timing,because when the ghost is "frezzed" the blue light dont move to another statue! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

[ 14. July 2003, 20:30: Message edited by: kangaxx ]

Whitney Summers
14-07-03, 19:39
O...kay, that was vague guidance. No offence. What I've heard (since I actually used a cheat to kick his a$$ is that you go up to the painting just enough so that it doesn't disappear, shoot the buggar (if you crouch while doing this he can't hurt you) and then WALK up to the painting so the ghost doesn't wake up. Hope that helps!

Also, if you just face away from the statue with the painting and wait for the ghost to fly over you so he's in front of you for you to shoot him, then turn around and get the painting, it might be easier!

Good luck!


14-07-03, 19:43
Just keep on saving and saving. Whta i did was to shoot him and when he lowers his head i saved it. Then i reloaded it and he was frozen. I got then got the painting and legged it, but unfortunatly by then the ghost walked me up and killed me http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif *lol* But at least if you save it loads of times you don't have to go back :D

14-07-03, 20:06
lol..after a rage of putting that up...i decided id try ONE last time...so i did..and i got this crazy idea to duck...so i did...and then it worked...lol so you guys rock for helping me out!!! now im at the Galleries under seige...Hall of Hell..oh i mean..hall of seasons is finally over...lol
hey guys..when do i get to play as Kurtis??

THANK YOU GUYS AGAIN!! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/grouphug.gif

14-07-03, 20:09
You get to play as Kurtis in the Sanitarium level... *lol* Im afraid you're gonna have to wait a while to play as him because he's on the last few levels and you've still got ALOT to go... :D

14-07-03, 20:18
and prepare your self to be terrorized in the sanatorium lvl!!!lol....its great!!explendid atmosfere!! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

14-07-03, 20:24
OMG! When i first saw the u-know-whats ;) *winkwink* I swear i nearly jumped out of my skin! I was like "this is some freaky *bleep*" LOL!

The sleeper is weird though o____O

14-07-03, 21:14
never mind, glad Merideth got help cause I did too, thanx, hopefully I wont be back needing advise

[ 14. July 2003, 22:22: Message edited by: blair1969 ]

14-07-03, 21:48
yeah now im freaked out............lol

16-07-03, 15:23
i also need the savegame,may you send it to lpshuai@hotmail.com
many thanks