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if have a few questions and if anyone knows theyre answers please share.thanks

1.what happened to gundeson?
2in the PARISIAN GHETTO level and youre talking to JANICE what does she mean by 'that poor woman,carvier'?
3.not really relavent but what happened to the BOAZ APPRETIATION THREAD?
4.where did the mutants on SANITARIUM and MAXIMUM CONTAINMENT AREA come from exactly? were they boazs experiments or what? :confused:

19-03-05, 13:01
1. Gunderson, for all we know, is still alive. He was never killed on screen and was nowhere to be seen when Eckhardt's lab exploded.
2. Janice is referring to Madame Carvier, the women who Lara goes to see who gives her Werner's notebook, and who then goes and calls the cops on Lara.
3. I have no idea!
4. If you talked to the mutant sitting in his room you would have found out he was a truck driver. He transported the Sleeper to the Strahov and was then locked in the Sanitarium by Kristina Boaz and friends. Some of these unfortumate men were fed to the Proto Nephilim, the others I believe were experimented on by Boaz.
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3. I don't think it was even made.. Was it?
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I'd like to answer only what is sure:

Carvier was killed by the Monstrum. Originally it would be also in the game. Here's the exact text of the news on the radio, about what Janice is talking:

The latest victim of the Paris 'Monstrum' was discovered yesterday. The mutilated body of professor Margot Carvier was found after a woman was seen leaving the building under suspicious circumstances. The police are anxious to interview Lara Croft. The notorious Monstrum serial killer has periodically terrorized Paris and other European capitals over the last decade. A characteristic of these brutal attacks is the bizarre metallic eruptions on many parts of the victims' bodies. Forensic specialists are mystified by the process involved. There have been no reports of any survivors of these unconnected attacks.

And here's another one:

NEWSFLASH - The Monstrum has struck again. This time the victim was a professor Margot Carvier of the department of Medieval and Renaissance Studies at the Louvre. Her body was discovered yesterday and police want to interview a woman seen leaving the premises around the time of the murder. She is described as Caucasian, brunette, about 1.8m and slim build. When last seen she was wearing jeans, dark jacket and a pony tail. This follows the similar murder of Prof Werner Von Croy a world renowned archaeologist murdered two days ago in his apartment...

About the mutants... If you followed the story, you know that Eckhardt's aim was to bring the Nephilim back to existence. For that he needed "vital essences" from his victims bodies. So a part of the mutants were "donors", another part of them victims of the weird experiments. And as the truck driver, there was a group for feeding the others, like the Proto. And maybe you remember that the Strahov is originally an asylum.