View Full Version : AOD Game Guide now complete!

tlr online
27-06-03, 01:47
I am extremely excited to announce The Angel Of Darkness Game Guide & Walkthrough is now complete (pending some minor non-linear updates) and hope in some way the guide helps you during the first of three brand new Lara Croft adventures.

I would also like to take this opportunity in saluting 'lampe3d' for their sterling work and long hours which has made The Angel Of Darkness Game Guide possible. Without their dedication, this walkthrough would never have been possible. Thank you!


Happy Raiding!

27-06-03, 01:49
tlr I have a little emergency.

tlr online
27-06-03, 01:51
Trinity34. How may I be of assistance?

27-06-03, 01:52
I don't have enough space for the wav file that Iwas going to give you and I only have 15mins before the library closes. help!

tlr online
27-06-03, 01:54
Trin. I can set you up an FTP account on the main web server? Thing is, my local home gateway (for DSL) is still out from the storms this weekened and I'm connecting via DUN. Yuk! Do you want to upload directly to our main web server?

27-06-03, 01:55
is there any way to use instant messanger?

tlr online
27-06-03, 01:57
Trin. Forgive me, I haven't been clear enough. I'm not on DSL atm. I'm connecting via a modem! It would take all year for me to receive a 15Mb file.