View Full Version : What to do with all this money???

27-06-03, 02:03
Hey, after pawning some quality items, and finding some money i have like 2200 euros. Soooo...what do hell is it good for, i assumed that there would be a place in the game where u could buys guns and/or ammo. Is there such a place???

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Spike J Wolfwood
27-06-03, 02:17
Apparently not, the most I can imagine anyone needing is the 160 for the guy in the park and however much that reporter wants. Isnít this going to be a trilogy? I wonder if it uses flagged data and the money can be used in the sequels. I wonít know till I beat it which may be later tonight......... if Iím not too drunk to play that is.

27-06-03, 02:20
theres a reporter later in the game who will sell you a scorpion X pistol for 800 so id save at least that much cash! ;)

27-06-03, 02:24
buy food, yum!