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27-06-03, 13:06
me back again...wondering (for those who actually beat this game) is the length really that bad? (shorter than 8 or so hours...roughly how long?) and how this kurtis thing work i mean you select him to play as or is it like mgs2 where at some point in the game you switch???

27-06-03, 13:19
A good question shadowscarabmonkey,

I wondered too if you HAVE to be Kurtis, or if you can choose to remain playing as Lara all the way through the game.

27-06-03, 13:29
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27-06-03, 16:54
i can answer your question..cause i in fact am now at the point wher ei take control of kurtis ...but it is impossible to continue being lara thats why you become kurtis ..i would tell you why your kurtis but it might be a spoiler ...but you HAVE to be him you have no choice ..and i'm not a big fan of his ...it feels liek i'm controlling a 50 year old man ..he moves slow ..and is not near as strong as lady croft...