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27-06-03, 17:00
Ok.. In the Industrial Rooftops level, when I crawl outof underneath the warehouse, I take a left, and when I get to the Chain gate, I jump and hop over. I shoot the dog, and I jump into the big thingie sitting there (Sorry, I'm only 11), grab the item, and I jump out, when I run towards the end, all of a sudden I just die. What the hey is going on?! :mad: :mad: I feel like this: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/violent.gif Eidos is red, Im Blue. That's how this game is making me feel right now.

27-06-03, 17:45
That has happened to me too. but i found out that if you find the block right outside the place where u crawl out of the bulding and pull it ALL the back Lara will say shes stronger.Then you back into the buliding and climb up the pipe on the wall. When u get to the top climb off and go down the stairs.At the bottom hang off and land on th 2nd ledge. Walk to the end of it untill Lara says something. You can run jump and grab to the other side of the bulding. Hope you know what im talkin about. Good Luck :D

29-06-03, 20:15
Oh... shoot. Im sorry! I didn't even realize someone Replied... :( :( Well, thanks to you, I'm now stuck in The TOA Part one, instead of being stuck In the Industrial Rooftops level. Kinda Funky the way it works out, huh? First Im stuck there, now here... Ironic, ain't it? ;)

Edit: Hey.... :( :( :( I just Joined and I don't get a welcome? :( Just kiddning, but I do want to feel like I belong, unlike my house.... I feel like I don't belong there. :(

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29-06-03, 20:58
im stuck in hall of seasons i dont know where to go and what to do all that happens is that stupid skeleton is tryin to kill me!! if sum1 is out there in the hall of seasons help

29-06-03, 23:17

For everyone else- THIS IS SORT OF A
************ SPOILER*************
So if you read it anyways, don't complain to me.

In the center of the room, there are four quarter circles with symbols on them. When you step on each one idividually, they open up three doors each around the edge of the room.

After you play these doors and get the "things you need" place them in their spots under the pictures in the hallway you came in this room from the previous level through.

Go down to the VERY HOT basement and find a door on the "inside" wall (if you run to the right when you get down there, the door will be on the left wall). Go in and do what needs to be done there. When you come up, the room will be "changed slightly" You can't miss it. Use the "change" to Go UP^^^^. Play on!