View Full Version : My Previous Topic was false READ-NO SPOILERS!

27-06-03, 19:04
Im really sorry about that last post, Im really new to this, and I wanted to discuss if my assumption was wrong, Ive never really used a message board, luckily my spoiler if everyone gets this out, wasnt even true. Im not saying this to make people feel better, I sware on everything what I said before in my last post, isnt even true. You guys will find out when you play. So if it makes you guys feel better, I was completely wrong, and you guys havent even been spoiled. Heres the real truth if anyone even wants to know right now, yet this will spoil the game. SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS

When you fight the last boss, who is a shape shifter, he claims that he was Kurtis and a number of people, but Lara catches him on a lie, because he knows that he shifted into Eckardt who is an actuall real person. So when You kill the last boss, he drops kurits's weapon. When she picks the weapon up, it starts tuggin Lara in a direction and lara smiles. Kurtis is calling the weapon back to him, so that Lara can find him. So there you have it, I was completely wrong.

28-06-03, 02:54
Glad to hear you were wrong. My hat goes off to you for admitting so! That takes courage after all the responses your last post received. No hard feelings, at least not from me. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif