View Full Version : HELP!? Big problem[s] with my copy?

27-06-03, 20:20
I was just wondering if any body else has this problem... Are you missing options in the Options menu? I play the game, and when I go to the options menu there are no sections for game controls like it says there is supposed to be in the game, so i can't change how the controls are set up, and i can't turn the vibration on.
Another thing that i seem to be missing, is the Story So Far, option when the game loads up, you're supposed to have it (at least, that's what it says in my instruction book)
Also, it says you can have your gun drawn in stealth mode... I can't do that...
NOW, is my instruction book lying to me, or do I have a messed up game? :confused:
I thought maybe the options would come up later in the game, but i'm at the museum, and i still can't change the controls.

27-06-03, 20:25
Your instruction book is 'lying' to you, becuase the instruction manuel was produced before the game was finished and all the things you mentioned were all initially going to be featured in the game but were unfortuantely never made it to the final copy.

27-06-03, 20:30
Oh, good, I was afraid I was going crazy! You know, for how long it took them to 'fix' the game, they sure as heck did a horrendous job 'fixing' it. I mean, if they 'fixed' it, I wonder just how many damn problems they had BEFORE they released the game!

27-06-03, 20:31
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27-06-03, 20:37
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