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27-06-03, 21:31
Will this have SPOILERS? I'm not sure. Be warned, just in case someone says something you might not want to hear.

I was in Hall of Seasons and I went into the Sanctuary of the Flame or something or like that. Now, very early on I got set on fire and Lara stayed on fire through out the whole thing and she did not die. When I went back into the Hall of Seasons she was back to normal... Is this a bug?

Has anything else strange happaned to anyone?

27-06-03, 21:34
Yep that happened to me too...I made it all the way to the crystal and didn't get burnt...so halfway back I killed myself because I was afraid to save it with the flame.

The only other bug I noticed in the Hall of Seasons was how slow it got after I turned on the boiler...and it gets SLOOOOW.

Spike J Wolfwood
27-06-03, 21:38
Consider yourself lucky if that was the first bug you ran into. Trust me though, it probably won’t be the last bug you’ll run into.

27-06-03, 21:42
I'm sure that's not the first bug EITHER of us has run into....at least not for me anyway..

Spike J Wolfwood
27-06-03, 21:55
Originally posted by Jaws_Victim:
I'm sure that's not the first bug EITHER of us has run into....at least not for me anyway..Trust me it not for me either. Not for alot of people.

27-06-03, 22:48
Yeah there are other bugs I've run into but that was like whoa...weird. Aaaand I just realized there is another topic like this.

27-06-03, 23:05
Lara fell a few times off a ledge (dumb wench)and I hit the menu to reload before she died and all I could hear was screaming a la Mortal Kombat....kinda cool!