View Full Version : Drawing the Gun in stealth Mode

27-06-03, 21:43
I have seen lara in a couple movies with her back to a wall, turn the corner and fire, like in Metal Gear Solid. Now, does she still do that, seeing as how they cut the ability for lara to hold a gun in stealth mode? Just curious because i have to wait till monday... hopefully... lol

Pie Tin

27-06-03, 21:44
She cannot do it.

Sorry. :D

tlr online
27-06-03, 23:29
According to the official Eidos The Angel Of Darkness support FAQ: "On page 17 the manual states that you may draw a weapon and manually target an enemy while in stealth mode. This is incorrect, you cannot draw a weapon and remain in stealth mode."

28-06-03, 06:02
That was like the coolest thing I have seen her do in the movies!!! That makes you wonder why the didnt put that in if they already had it animated?? O well, some questions in life are left unanswerd... but some questions answered would be nice ;)

Pie Tin