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27-06-03, 21:55
I am at the chruch,you know the graveyard.How do I increase my strenght,and where must I go? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/silent.gif

Spike J Wolfwood
27-06-03, 22:00
You know the fenced in area that the statue is in? There is also a small mausoleum within the plot next to the graves. Make her open that door and her strength will increase. Then take out the statue.

27-06-03, 22:01
Since ur in the that little gated off place with that angel statue.well right there in front of the angel is a little shack thing.the door to has a cross on it, just go up to it and the hand icon will appear. press action and she powers up!

27-06-03, 22:14
I pushed the angel from fornt and from back.She just says that she's not strong enough.I got out of the angel statue area.I am in front of the fence of that statue.She's not doing anything?

27-06-03, 22:24
Inside the gated area is a little room that you can enter. I think you had to stand on top if it the first place to enter the gated area. (if you still can't find it)Go around where the gate is facing the open area, turn around and move until the hand icon appears. Lara opens the door and recieves a power up. ;)

27-06-03, 23:01
Oh ok!Thank you... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/love1.gif

tlr online
27-06-03, 23:13
Greetings Croft, TR Fan, Spike, Lady Of Eternal Darkness. Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your stay with us and enjoy The Angel Of Darkness!

Spike J Wolfwood
27-06-03, 23:23
nice to meet you trl online.

tlr online
27-06-03, 23:25
You too! How are you enjoying The Angel Of Darkness?

Spike J Wolfwood
27-06-03, 23:31
Although there are a lot of bugs, the manual is unreliable, and the Kurtis portion is a little monotonous Iím actually enjoying the game. I think that the story is a big step forward and some of the new features are helpful. I canít help just cant help imagining how great this game would have been if it wasnít so obviously rushed.

27-06-03, 23:37
There is also another door you can knock down on the other side of the garveyard. Go in the direction the statue was facing and you'll see a small fenced in area. Get in and knock down the door and collect the pickups.

28-06-03, 01:25
I am enjoying the game,but I am a little bit lost over Bouchard's Hideout.I have already saved up to when the whole way to go cracks up.And I am at the other end where there are pipes on the wall and I don't know how to continue my way out?I have tried holding on to the pipes but she can't make it till the very end.I don't know what to do... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/bash.gif

28-06-03, 02:56
i to am stuck in graveyard, she tell me she has no strength to open door, should i start over? help